Real Rooms: Play date at Melissa and Morgan's


I had to share some shots from this super charming house with you guys! Maura and I were at her friend Morgan's/my friend Melissa's last week for a play date. (Their home was built in the 1850s and is located right downtown in a very historic New England area.) And while I started taking pics of the two kids playing, I soon switched to taking pics of the really good looking stuff in the background!

Just so you guys know this is completely legit, let's kick off the tour in the play room:)

{Morgan's the one with the squishable cheeks in cute skirt and leggings, my kid's the one in the back with a mullet and overalls!}

I love Melissa's family room. They've got three here, one in the adjoining dining room and one in Morgan's nursery!

It's so cozy - the sea grass rug, large antique map, light and airy curtains, comfy ottoman...this is definitely a good place for playin'.

In the dining room, Melissa painted her chairs (and the legs of her table) a lovely grey and this old dresser that she uses as a sideboard got a coat of green.

Check out the beautiful sun room they just had renovated! Love the tall bead board with that plate rail. Melissa's got some outdoor furniture here now temporarily and was asking me what she should do with the space (the other half you don't see is a sort of mud room, with a bench, baskets, hooks, etc. and their kitchen is right up that step, through the french door on the left). Uh, sit there, have some coffee and enjoy the view?!! Looks good to me:) That's why I'm taking a photo of it, baby! But in all honesty, does anyone have any ideas for this area? Melissa wants it to be useful for their family.

Morgan's nursery is so cheery and sweet with buttery yellow walls and green, pink and white accents.

I love the pops of green (whether its wall color, accent pillows, painted furniture, plants) that Melissa has managed to infuse everywhere. It really unifies everything and definitely adds that spring touch this time of year.

PS. Today is Melissa's birthday and on Thursday she is going in for a scheduled c-section to meet her second baby girl:) So let's show her some comment love...when I asked her if I could put her on the blog, she was in disbelief that anyone would want to see pics of her house!!


  1. Great style!
    Would love to see more.

  2. Darling home! Congrats to Melissa and the rest of her family on "baby girl #2!" Loving the sunroom, I would add a cozy love seat and maybe a rug and keep going with the bright yellow, bright green and black. Or she could do a white pedestal table and add some other black rattan chairs and unify them with fun cushions. This would make a fun spot for crafts, a game or a snack!

  3. Beautiful! I love seeing homes in MA (since that's where I'm from and live now...). Good luck to your friend on baby girl #2!

  4. I love New England homes and hers is no exception. No fair to have all that character! absolutely beautiful!!!


  5. I'm thinking about a subscription to New England Home just so I can get my fix of all of these great historic homes with lots of character. Congrats to Melissa and her family on their newest addition! I love when people are "new" to the blogging world and in disbelief that there are people out there that would love to see their home and take interest in it (you're a good friend Sarah!). I love her dining room. And as for the sunroom I would say to personalize it how they would want to use it if that makes sense. If they want it to be a cozy reading/hang out area, then maybe chairs or loveseat like Cathy suggested or if they want additional dining area, make it a cute breakfast area. Depending on budget, they could even do some built-in seating if they wanted to and mix it up with built-ins and some chairs. Thanks for sharing with us Sarah!

  6. I laughed out loud at your mullet comment. Business in the front... party in the back. Bahahaha!

    I am super jealous of the 3 fireplace thing. So not fair!!!


  7. Very charming home- and you're right, it looks so cozy. How funny about Maura in the overalls and mullet. She's too cute!

  8. Melissa is asking for help? OMG that gal is ooozzziinnggg style!! I literally gasped at the green side board and the dresser she is using as a changing table......!!!!
    Love everything you showed (including Miss Maura)!!
    Please send Melissa best wishes on daughter #2.

  9. Aw, you guys are the best!! Thank you so much for all your sweet words, great ideas and best wishes. Melissa is going to looove reading these comments...maybe from the hospital;)

  10. That house just screams New England everything about it! Thank you so much for sharing with us. And congrats to Melissa and soon to be big-sis Morgan!


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