Spring Vignettes: Ledge Shelves


Here's how the ledge shelves in our family room are looking now that they got switched out for spring. (There's three spots in our house that I decorate seasonally...the bookcase in our foyer, the mantel in our living room and the shelves in the family room above the couch...check out the bookcase for spring here and the spring mantel here.)

You've probably noticed that I use the same stuff all year round (frames, white pitchers, glass bottles, mason jars, books), just move things around, change out the book colors, swap out the prints in the frames, etc. to make it work for that particular time of year. (The point of this is to not spend any money and put out for decorative use stuff that has to be stored somewhere anyways.) Sneaky, huh?! In this case, I cut a page out of a flower field guide book I have and literally taped it to the front of the glass because I didn't like the way the tint of the glass was changing the color of the botanical page. 

The smaller yellow frame (which I painted a bit for last year's fall mantel) got a fern print that I found on vintage printable.


Also making an appearance, lots of white ceramic pitchers and milk bottles...


...two old aqua apothecary bottles I found at a flea market in the parking lot of our local grocery store (which were used on last year's fall bookcase - you feeling me on this whole can-work-for-every season-thing?!)...


...and my two "vintage" Cherry Ames books that I read as a kid (which coincidentally were also used in last year's fall mantel).

How's your spring decorating going? It is cold and pouring cats and dogs here today.The other day it was in the low 80s and we needed the AC. Welcome to April in Massachusetts:)


  1. Great job- I love the spring changes! I like how you used one print and leaned it on both shleves. And I love fern prints! So clean and fresh. :) There is some spring tidying and painting going on around here! :)

  2. OMG! WHERE did you find the Cherry Ames books? Great mantel and all that. :)

    But seriously - where? I've looked EVERYWHERE. My niece's mom wanted her to read them; now that her mom is gone it's one of my self-assigned tasks to track them down.

  3. My mom had that series of books! My how seeing those takes me back! Beautiful mantel!

  4. This looks great! And, I completely agree with your method ... I too just most things around to create a different feel. I also love that you just taped the paper to the frame! :)

  5. You're good Sarah, and smart! I love that you can change your basics around for the seasons but that it's still your unique look. My shelf is coming along but still not ready to photograph yet - I swear I'm going to do it. And the weather took a turn here too - it rained most of the weekend but today was nice just about 20 degrees below where we were at last week.

  6. You are so good about switching things around fresh for each season. Those antique bottles are the best. I love the color.


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