Spring Vignettes: Mantel


Hi there! Made a few switcheroos and added a couple of things to my winter mantel (which was not very wintery at all...just more like a normal-random-could work all year-matches the color palette of the room mantel) and now I have a spring one:)

First thing I did was throw up these capiz shell garlands (from West Elm a long time ago) that I also used in my summer mantel last year.

I kept both pieces of "art" in the dark grey frames the same - the Physical Map of the Pacific Ocean (a page cut out from an old atlas) and the antique fish print (lying around from when I framed a bunch for our foyer).

I've discovered I just love educational, informational nature drawings and things, so I hit up Vintage Printable for some replacements for the two brushed silver shadowbox frames. Under the Animal Gallery, I found this
butterfly chart (from the Gov't Printing Office of India) which went in the big frame on the left.

Then, after removing the little glass apothecary bottles that were here, I added a nest and eggs.

The small frame on the right got this Eggs of British Birds chart (also from the Animal Gallery - my sister lives in London...its totally relevant!)

And then this cute little birdie statue (from Target, I think) rounded things out.

The "P"s weren't bothering anyone (at least, I didn't think so...shute, are they bothering you?!), so I left them in:)


  1. Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute.

    (Said in a sing-song voice.)

    (Wow, I'm weird.)


  2. So simply pretty. Love it. You have such a way with your mantle!

  3. I want a mantle so I can play around with it - this looks great! And you'll be happy to know there has been some progress with my second floor shelves. One in fact makes me smile each time I go upstairs. Maybe some photos soon.


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