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Hi! Hope everyone had a good weekend! Besides new baseboards, we have some other fun things going on around the homestead.

I had to wait two weeks, but I finally got the email from Overstock that that rug we talked about for our family room was back in stock! Put in the order and it was here a week later (it just arrived on Friday). The colors are slightly different that what the site showed, but I was expecting that, just wasn't sure in what way they were going to be different. Just got a rug pad at Lowes over the weekend, so now we have to clean the floors up a bit, move the furniture and get that baby laid out. Can't wait!

{sneak peek...rolled it out a little to see how its going to look!}

I finally also ordered bamboo blinds for our dining room windows! (First blogged about that last April! Ok, so it only took me a year! Not bad.) They came in the mail last week too, so now we just have to hang them up.

I am really proud of myself! Things are actually getting done around here. Usually I move at a snail's pace, and now I'm moving at a _______________ (insert random insect or animal here that moves slightly faster than a snail) pace! Go me:)

Have you guys been impressing yourselves lately too?!!


  1. Love me some bamboo shades and the rug looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see it all come together... I move at a similar pace so I promise not to hound you for the after shots!

  2. So funny, Sarah. I am a snail myself, but I'm finally rolling a little right now, too. Bathroom is coming together, got my new matchstick blinds that I've been talking about since June last week and am about ready to paint/stencil the hallway. Life just gets in the way sometimes. A little momentum feels great.

    Love your rug and the blinds will look wonderful! Can't wait to see your projects come together!

  3. Love the rug even though I think I voted for the other one! LOVE the bamboo shades as well...where are they from?!

  4. Thanks, guys!

    Wow, great job, Erin!

    Courtney - thanks! Lol, I liked the other rug better too, but this one was a lot cheaper and its going to have toddler crumbs and stains on it the first day, guaranteed:) The bamboo blinds are actually from Overstock too - only $22 each!! Here's the link:

  5. I'm a snail too - yay! I like the rug and I think it will look great in your home and the shades are really nice. Those will really warm up your dining room.

  6. Love the rug! Glad you decided on one you liked, and actually like it in person in your own home, too! Can't wait to see a shot of the room with it in there! I'm living vicariously through blogs of people's homes that don't have baby toys, dog toys, tupperware, laundry, sippy cups, wooden spoons etc strewn everywhere at day's end...I can barely keep up with it all, let alone decorate lately!

  7. Whoo hoo! You got your rug! So happy that it came back in stock. Looking forward to seeing it in all its glory :)


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