Thinking Outside of the (Kid's) Box


I got the PB Teen and Land of Nod catalogs in the mail this week, and despite the fact that I'm not working on a nursery, kid's room or tween room, I dog-eared a lot of pages in those babies!! So I thought I'd do a post on some of the great stuff you can find from these two guys and apply to almost any other kind of room. If you remove a lot of their furniture or accessories or window treatments or art from the context of a kid's room where everything else is kid too, they become just good finds. Anyways, the point is not to forget sources like these when shopping for your bedroom, or family room, or wherever:)

Here's some of the things that caught my eye that I think could be applied in lots of non-child related scenarios:


1. Broad Stripe Rug (in pink, blue or grey)...Land of Nod
2. Traveller's Kilim Rug (in warm or cool)...PB Teen
3. Zig Zag Zrug (in grey, blue, orange, khaki or pink)...Land of Nod
4. Leaf Medallion Lurex Rug (in pool/navy or pink/coral)...PB Teen
5. Magic Carpet (Non-Flying green, pink, lavender, aqua and khaki)...Land of Nod
6. Zoe Rug...PB Teen
7. Stark Concepts Extreme Express Rug...PB Teen
8. Tribal Dhurrie Rug...PB Teen


1. Wood and Wire Wall Multi Basket...PB Teen
2. Adjustable Architectural Wall Lamp...PB Teen
3. Bradley Funnel Pendant...PB Teen
Emerson Sawhorse Desk...PB Teen
5. Periodic Table...Land of Nod


1. Shell Swag Chandelier...PB Teen
2. Bare Bones Wall Art...Land of Nod
3. As Seen in the Sea Wall Art...Land of Nod
4. Hanging Around Woodgrain Pendant...Land of Nod

Pretty Pattern...

1. Authentic Block Print Quilt and Sham Paisley...PB Teen
2. Balboa Beaded Geo Pillow Cover...PB Teen
3. Khaki in the Mix Dot Curtain Panels...Land of Nod
4. Bullseye Wall Art...Land of Nod
5. Zig Zag Strapping Baskets (in black, aqua, blue, green, pink and yellow)...Land of Nod
6. Peyton Organic Duvet Cover and Pillowcase (in navy or pool)...PB Teen

What do you guys think? Would you/have you ever ordered something from a place like this to use somewhere other than a kid's room? What are your favorite unexpected, out of the box go-to sources?

Ps. Have you ever actually read-read the Land of Nod catalog? Those guys are funny, they have a great sense of humor:)


  1. I get both of those catalogs too and I actually love them. I kinda like pb teen more than regular pb, in some respects. Great textures and patterns :). AND, they're usually less expensive ... perfect!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I would gladly have any of those pieces in my house! Especially that gorgeous doona cover, I've been looking fir a navy cover with a great pattern for ages!

  3. Holy cow, you are so right. Taken out of context, these would all work perfectly in an adult space. Don't think I'll be throwing away all the kiddie catalogs that I get anymore :)

  4. I've been eyeing up the pillows at PB Teen too - for me! Not really but I would love them. They're so much fun. I love this round up that you've done and it's so true that you can put these pieces in any room. Hope you had a good weekend!

  5. I love PB teen so much. I'm afraid to admit how many dog-eared catalogs I have stashed in the drawer of my bed side table. At least 8, probably! =) There are so many great things they offer. I ordered Cameron navy camouflage sheets from there a few months ago and they are really cool! And I've already found so many things I could work into Kylie's room, even though shes still so young.

  6. Sarah this is a fantastic post as I think it is so important to think and look outside of the norm when pulling a room together. You identified the best, most "any room" pieces from these resources, several I have been eying for various projects!

  7. I love all this stuff and am tempted lots of times to order for myself or adult clients. It's not necessarily all just for kids--great styles here!


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