The Nursery: Progress Part IV


Hey! Back again with Part IV of progress in the nursery! To catch up: here's the dresser wall (part I), the the crib wall (part II) and the back window wall (part III). (If you've been following along, thank you so much for all the wonderful, positive comments. They make my day!) Oh and here's the floor plan again, just for consistency and a starting point:

I just had the last wall, the one on the left to do something with. This is where I decided to use the two white
Ribba picture ledges I got at IKEA a few months ago. Back then I wasn't really sure where I was going to use them, so I bought the short ones (21 5/8") for $9.99 each. Pretty good deal, right? Here they are up and accessorized:

They fit perfectly right in between the side of the crib and the glider. I tried to style them with mostly things I already had so that I wouldn't be spending a lot more money. I also wanted to bring in some personal old stuff to add that vintage/antique feel.

My aunt painted the muppets for me as a gift for my 3rd birthday (30 years ago!). I liked the fun and bright color they added to the room, so they were the starting point for this little shelf vignette. In our basement there's a big tupperware tub labeled "Sarah's Childhood" - its full of old stuff of mine that I rescued from my parent's house when they were moving a few years ago. That's where I found some of my copybooks from first grade, where I practiced my spelling words. Too funny. Used one here. The little wooden dinosaur toy was a gift from one of my good friends when she first found out we were pregnant. In the bottom right hand corner you can see just a bit of one of the cute illustrated greeting cards I bought in PEI.

In the giant tupperware tub, I also found a pair of my old baby's shoes that my mom had saved.

For the shelf on the right side, I started with this childrens book called "When Pigasso met Mootisse" (mostly because of its yellow cover which helped to balance out the Muppets painting, but also because it was a gift for one of my birthdays while I was in college from a friend of mine...I collected childrens books back then just for their art). I took the other greeting card by illustrator Julie St-Onge-Drouin of Ketto, mounted it on some striped scrapbook paper and framed it for here. And there's the "Z", the last alphabet flash card that wouldn't fit in my 5 x 5 grid over the crib!!!


  1. The nursery is BeAutiFul!!!!!! I love all of the special touches that you added. My husband's mother kept many of his things...a Frog and Toad book that is on display in my daughter's room has an inscription inside from my husband's grandparents....We hope that you will read this lovely book to your own daughter...they gave the book to my hubs when he was 3! LOVE IT!

  2. I love it from start to finish! Every detail. So beautiful, and those shoes are to die for. I love the scuffed toes!

  3. Everything is soooo stinkin' cute! I love the Ribba shelves. We used them to create a library wall in our own nursery and I think they are so functional for the price. Still stumped on art for over the crib though. Too many great options out there I think!

  4. Our baby's room has the exact same glider, ikea dresser and also we have alphabet flashcards (in Italian)! I just need to get my act in order and put the finishing touches on her room.


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