Happy Father's Day!


Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!!! Hope you are all having a great day, you deserve it:)

We went out to breakfast this morning with P's dad and mom, P's sister and my 2 nieces and nephew. Had an awesome time, and 2 humongous blueberry pancakes.

Unfortunately, my dad is a few states, and one time zone away, so we won't get to spend any time with him today:) I saw him last week though, and the whole family will be vacationing together for a week on Cape Cod at July 4th (can't wait!)...so my card and phone call will just have to do for now (Dad, you're getting your present in person when we see you!).

But at least I can take this brief moment to say thanks for being the best Dad in the world!!! Thanks for being a great role model, always supporting us, never letting us pay the bill when we go out to eat, continuously making us laugh, and teaching us so many things (like how to read a map, when to procrastinate, and how to furl the jib). Thanks for my curly hair and skin that tans instead of burns.
Thanks for being such a great friend. Love you, Dad!! Wish we could be together to celebrate today!

{my sister, Dad and I on my wedding day - one of the things I love about him, he always makes us laugh!}


On another note, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Kimba over at A Soft Place to Land for featuring this blog on her Friday's "Linky Love, New-to-Me Edition" post. I can't believe all the new friends who have stopped over to say hi and leave such nice comments since then. Just another thing I love about blogland, all the love!! Thank you, Kimba (and the rest of you)...what an honor.


  1. Kimba sent me & I am so glad to find a blogger who lives in New England! I don't blog yet but love to read home decor blogs & am adding you to my list. It will be so nice to hear about other places besides old time pottery & kirkland's.

  2. Hi, Jen! It's great to "meet" you! Yay for New England:) Lol at Kirklands and Old Time Pottery...none of that here!! Look forward to sharing more local content and talking home decor with you. Thanks again for stopping by!!

  3. Love that picture girl! You all look wonderful!

  4. Aw sweet photo! Nice to meet you, PS, I loved your entry too...I'm always in love with ships and coastal things too!


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