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Found these dining room inspiration pics while browsing the Point Click Home Room Finder (pretty cool, you can select a room and then a decor style, and see tons of photos). Our dining room is really in progress and taking forever to get anywhere. We have an eat-in kitchen, so I don't want our DR to become one of those rooms that you never use. I'd like it to be a space where: we can have big family dinners, P can have the guys over to play poker, our future kids can do crafts, the table can turn into a buffet for our annual holiday party, I can leave out in-progress paper projects, etc ...multi-functional, comfortable yet elegant. None of the following rooms are exactly what I want, but there's some part of each of them that I love.


  1. Thanks for the great inspiration! I just love to look at beautiful rooms. Can't wait to go on that Point Click website too!

  2. Ooooh! A new inspirational website! Those photos are so beautiful. I can't wait until we buy a home someday. For now, we love our apartment... But from a designing and decorating standpoint, I'm really looking forward to it.

    So I can't do the wallpaper projects just yet! (Sad.) And my problem with tearing up books is that I COLLECT books. I have several editions of all kinds of works. So a new edition would be so hard to ruin! I'd want to add it to the family - especially if it was Shakespeare.

    Today's been pretty nice out! It was even HOT outside! How strange for us. =)

  3. I really like all of the dining sets. My favorite is the last photo. I can't resist beautifully decorated shelves...and the table is fantastic.

  4. I don't even know where to begin! Why do I look at this wonderful stuff? All I do is get up a rearrange the whole house or start spray painting stuff and changing seat covers!
    Love this site!

  5. What a gorgeous blog with beautiful inspiration photos! Love it!


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