Show Us Where You Live Friday: Bathrooms


Thank goodness this week is almost over! Let's celebrate again with Show Us Where You Live Friday over at Kelly's Korner. Today is bathrooms! Follow the link over to Kelly's to see hundreds of real bathrooms from all around the country (world?).

We have 3 full bathrooms in our house, but haven't done anything to the 2 upstairs yet. (Our master bath is ok. Our guest/kid's bath not so much, I think that needs a complete renovation and it scares me.) So I'll show you guys the downstairst bathroom, which we have actually worked on and which is coming along rather niceley:)

Here's a few before pics:

First on the agenda was new paint. (I actually started painting this room like the week after we moved in but only got one coat on one wall done. A month or 2 later P hired a painter to come and finish!! Oops. It wasn't cause I wasn't doing a good job, it was just taking me a little too long. Plus we wanted the painter to do the kitchen, so it made sense.) We choose a soft pale gray green called Nurture by Behr. We didn't love the green tile floor, but saw no reason to rip it up and start all over when it was in decent shape, so we thought a wall color that coordinated with the floor would make the green tile fade a bit more into the background and not be so noticeable. (It was jumping out at you with that lemon yellow color they had before.)

{trust me, you might be thinking this looks exactly like the new paint color in our office from last week's event, but its totally different. this is definitely green, and that was definitely blue!!}

Next up was to get a new mirror, light fixture and hardware. We liked the white pedestal sink, but not so much the oval mirror or previous lighting. We waited until the semi-annual Bath Even Sale at Restoration Hardware and got this new 3 arm sconce with fabric shades and new TP holder, towel ring, etc. (all from the Lugerno line).

Because this bathroom is fairly on the large side (for a downstairs powder room), we thought some architectural details might add interest and help it feel more cozy. P's dad installed this beadboard for us from Lowes.

And did you notice that awkward space to the left of the shower in the before pic? For some reason there was like a foot of space next to the shower with nothing in it. Too small for any cabinet or cupboard that we could find, so P's dad also built us these custom shelves to fit the space. Now we have storage!!! Miraculously, I found 6 of these covered baskets at Michaels that slide into the cubbies perfectly.

{I keep nothing related to the actual bathroom in these baskets!!! I have Christmas decorations, table linens, candles, paint swatches,and a bunch of other random stuff that I needed to put some where in them. That's the beauty of closed storage!}

{This is a page from a calendar about birds that I cut out and framed.}

{Not sure why there's a shower down here, we've only used it twice since we've lived here. But I love this taupey linen shower curtain that I found at the RH outlet and these fun dragonfly shower hooks from none other than the Christmas Tree Shop.}

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our bathroom! Thanks again to Kelly for hosting.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Cross your fingers for good weather, P and I have an outdoor wedding to go to tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get some good photos to share on Monday:)


  1. Love the clean lines and splash of gentle color. The calendar pix...framed...fantastic!

  2. I love this makeover. I completely forgot about it! It's gorgeous. Each of your rooms is so inspiring. Do you mind if I feature it on my blog sometime?

  3. LOVE that beadboard and the shelving beside the shower!! The whole room looks absolutely gorgeous!!

  4. What a pretty bathroom. I love the eggs print.

  5. Hey stalker!! It's me! Your stalker! :) :) Sorry I was out of the loop! I JUST got internet last night. I've been without for THREE WEEKS! AHHHH!!! YAY! I will email you - btw bath looks faaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous. And I LOOOOOOVE the name! It's PERFECT!!

  6. I love the beadboard and the cubbies are a great use of space. Good job!

  7. Oh my! I love your bathroom details. You are such a talented person. You did a wonderful transformation. Great job! I look forward to seeing your space each Friday. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Beautiful! Y'all did a great job!!

  9. Don't you just love bead board?? I put it in my bathroom, as well. I also love RH bath fixtures. I just hate the price!


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