Made my Day


Yesterday was a bad day. Until this...

I found a few minutes yesterday to check out some of my favorite blogs and saw that my friend Roeshel over at Evangeline's Vine was given the "One Lovely Blog Award". This made me happy...she deserves to be recognized for the gorgeous work she and her husband are doing to their charming old farmhouse. Then I kept reading and realized that she bestowed the award (in true blogger pay-it-forward fashion) on some of her favorite blogs...and guess what? I was one of them!!!! Yay!!! How exciting...Roeshel thinks I'm lovely:) (Well, ok, she thinks this blog is lovely...all 15 posts of it...she can't think I'm lovely - she hasn't seen my hair in person.)

What a great honor! Thank you so much, Roeshel! You are one of the people that inspired me to stop thinking about it and actually start making this blog. And you comment on every single one of my posts! Sometimes even twice:) Your dedication to the blog (and nestie) world is admirable and much appreciated. Your DIY projects are insane. You even started a new blog (The DIY Show Off) to give others out there a forum for sharing their Before and After pics and projects. You have a barn on your land and I am jealous! You totally made my day (ok, my whole month) by giving me this award. To be recognized by someone as awesome as you is just really cool.

(Check out the pics and links below to see just how awesome Evangeline's Vine is!)

Drumroll please....It is now my great pleasure to hereby bestow the "One Lovely Blog Award" to these fabulous ladies and their fabulous blogs. First, I'd like to start with some old friends:

Good Things Catered

Leslie G.


And now some new friends whom I have met in the few short weeks since I started this endeavor:

Timeless Paper

Sincerely, B

Thanks for all the gorgeous inspiration, cute baby photos and stories, wonderful advice, yummilicious recipes, and printer suggestions!! You are all lovely:)


Why you should run over and check out Evangeline's Vine!

{When I saw Roeshel's amazing mudroom makeover, I knew I had to be friends with her!}

{Then, she redid her bathroom and I knew this girl had good taste!}

{She turned these plain white snack trays into a personalized spot for her and her husband's keys}

{Look what happened when she got her hands on her husbands urn and herbs!}

{I love these planters she turned into house numbers with paint and vinyl letters!}


  1. Congrats on your's "lovely" to be recognized, isn't it?!!

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that blog! One of the first one's I followed. Congrats on your recognition, it's highly deserved for sure! :)

  3. *Smiling*

    Oh my goodness!!!! I feel so unworthy! Thank you for passing along this lovely award! I am honored, my new bloggie friend. :)

    Thanks for being a {new} welcomed stop on my Google Reader and for all your inspiring photos!

  4. Aww Sarah,

    That is so nice of you to select me for your lovely blog award. I'm so honored. You made my day too! Thank you very much for thinking of me. I'm so happy to have you as a new friend.


  5. You deserve the One Lovely Blog award!

    Your blog may be new but I'm loving it and don't forget - I've seen your home (via your nest bio AND awesome featured article!) It's one of my very favorites with your gorgeous and influential style! Not to mention your cards/invitations are beautiful and make me want to get married all over again (to the same man of course!) just so I can have you design my invitations! You're one creative, talented and inspiring lady!

    And aw...thanks, Sarah! I'm flattered ::blush:: for your kind compliments, for reading my blogs and for posting my projects! I'm so touched. You're so sweet and I'm so happy that we're friends.


  6. Aw, yay! I'm so glad you guys saw the post. And I'm really glad I have 2 new and talented blogging buddies!! You deserve the recognition!! Thanks for supporting me:)

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  8. Sarah,

    Thanks again for honoring my blog with this award. As a thank you, I featured your blog on my blog today. Come check it out sometime.


  9. Sarah, thank you so much :) This put a huge smile on my face, I'm definitely flattered!


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