Nursery Names


I love text and type used in home decor. And I love finding inspiration for our future nursery! Seems like the current trend in nurseries is to include the baby's name somewhere in their room. Above the crib is a perfect and obvious place to show off the name you spent so many months picking out:)

{With individual three-dimensional letters. Image via Rate My Spacer obxgirl.}

Let's check out some other ways that you can feature the baby's name:

{Vinyl wall decals can also be used to spell out a whole name or create a more graphic monogram. Image from Rate My Spacer Momma2Be.}

{Even just a simple single letter for the baby's initial makes a quiet but bold statement. Image from Rate My Spacer Mod Baby.}

{Love these personalized vintage woodtype letters from Welcome to Walton's World. Image via Apartment Therapy's ohdeedoh Kid's Home Tours}

{Check out Sam's name spelled out in old-school blocks from Sam's "Zen Toddler" Space! Image from Apartment Therapy's ohdeedoh Kid's Home Tours}

{This sweet name train was a gift to baby Eleanor. It fits right in with the other vintage toys and blocks that famous mom Nicole of Making it Lovely included in her nursery.}

{These cute Mod Definition Prints from blogger Sincerely B's etsy shop mod momento are completely customizable. How fun to write your own "definition" of your little one?!}

Fun, huh?! Do you guys have any clever and unique ways of including a name in the nursery?


  1. I love the photos! I'm still stuck between elephants and alphabets for the nursery I'm designing. I love type set/alphabet/monograms! I love these fabric letters from PBteen too.

  2. I love that third one! The aqua makes me weak at the knees!!

  3. I found you blog hopping...hope you don't mind. Love your blog! I've been looking for some ledge shelves like yours. Where ever did you get them?

  4. Good find, Roeshel! Tough call between the alphabet and elephant theme. There's gotta be a way to incorporate both..what about an "E is for elephant" theme? or something like that?

    Good find with the PB fabric letters!!

  5. Hey, windhula! Thanks for stopping by! Awesome to meet you:)

    Hmm, do you mean those black shelves in my family room? They are ancient, i think I got them at the Christmas Tree Shop of all places like 5 or 6 years ago(Do you have them by you?) I have other ledge shelves that I got at Linens n Things (doh!) and I've seen ones I've liked at Target and Ikea and West Elm and PB. Sorry, that probably doesn't help!

  6. Oh I love the pink and green nursery... That is SO stunning! And the last one with the child name definition is a lovely idea. That one's going in the ole brain vault! =)

  7. These are all very nice ideas, but i think i am really loving the green and pink one, very classy.


  8. I also obsessed with typography in design. I always loved this room:

  9. I am on vaca but just checked my google reader and saw this post!!! Thank you so much for including my Mod Definition Print!!! I am honored to be mentioned among so many other gorgeous items!! You are the best!

  10. Its a great idea.I like the way you put those baby name in walls or nursery.Pooh Baby Shower


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